What is it like to have a scan on the Golden Dragon?

What is it like to have a scan on the Golden Dragon?

Golden Dragon

This is my personal experience of the Golden Dragon (the machine) – from my initial scan through to scans now.

My very first experience with the machine was about 1-2 years ago. I had a friend recommend I go and see this technology after she had experienced a scan – I was intrigued.  I asked lots of questions and somewhere from deep inside I had a longing to do it as well and to try it for myself.  In the way stood fear.  I was fearful of what the machine might show up. Was I ready to take responsibility for my health? Was I ready to make changes? Was I emotionally ready?

Eventually after about 3 months I built up the courage to make an appointment for a scan. I was nervous, stressed and overwhelmed, and still fearful.  Somehow the courage to take control of my health took over. I was ready.

In preparation for the scan I had what looked like headphones placed over my head with other wires going around my head. The round scanning receivers were placed over my temples.  It felt a little funny but not at all what I had imagined.  I had imagined a big scanning machine like an MRI that I lay under or went in.  The technology behind the machine is that the body is sending impulses and messages to the brain all the time, and the headphones are decoders of the information.

It was quite confronting seeing the scan go through each part of the body, muscles, organs, liver, skeleton etc. There is a marker system used which grades each part from Optimal Health through to disease.  Basically, we were looking for coloured markers – the yellow markers were the best, and the purple and black markers were the worst.  I watched intently for the markers in each scan.

The results from the initial scan showed dysfunction of my thyroid, and an unhappy liver. There were some other things show up like pollinitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and some others however the thyroid and unhappy liver were the priority to attend to immediately.

So off to my local GP to get an X-ray on my thyroid, and to the Chinese herbalist for some attention on my liver.

The X-ray did indeed confirm a cyst on my thyroid, but nothing sinister to worry about. At this stage I was quite blown away with the machine having been a little sceptical at first!  I also felt relieved that I had checked it out and all was OK.

The Chinese herbalist and Doctor I went to prescribed some Chinese herbs and pillules to take to treat my liver and gall bladder. I took these for a couple of weeks and started to feel better.  Then we made the decision to go on a detox, no alcohol; gluten; dairy; coffee and no fun!  The detox lasted for about 3 months, and no alcohol is almost a year.

The Golden Dragon scan prompted some significant lifestyle changes for our family.

The emotional state that showed up in my initial scan was Anxiety, Irritation and Preoccupation. Weird emotions, and didn’t at first resonate with me, but as I let them process and observed situations in our every day lives I could see how and when these emotions were showing up.

The machine also gave me a detailed list of Allergens, Beneficial Foods and Foods to Avoid. The foods to avoid included dairy, gluten, coffee, peanuts, lentils, cheese, pork, eggs, lemons to name a few.

Our family has regular scans to keep track of what is going on in the body and to measure progress. I am so please to have seen subsequent scans show significant improvements in the health of my liver and other areas. My emotions have changed, reflecting a lot of the changes we have made.

The Golden Dragon is not something to be fearful of – it is knowledge. It is helpful in seeing what is going on, formulating an action plan and to measure improvements. We were so grateful for what the machine had done for us that we decided to import a machine ourselves and share it with those that seek it.  Get the courage to call today – the scan is not as scary as it seems!  Is today your day?

My crystal bed experience with Ali was intense and liberating. It unlocked emotions and fears and ultimately led me to my next successful pregnancy and birth. Magical.

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