Where are your boundaries?

Where are your boundaries?

Where are your boundaries?

A boundary is a line or a mark which defines the limit of an area. The point where something starts and finishes. Healthy boundaries are imperative for the mind, body and spirit.

Boundaries can be hard to set, however once established they are easier to maintain. Boundaries will be challenged, it comes with the territory!

The first place to start is with a clear vision – get clear with what you want out of life, relationships, work, family and for yourself, and then go about setting boundaries that support this vision. Then when a boundary is challenged it is either an absolute yes or no response – it either supports (yes) your vision or detracts from it (no).

We are only busy with things that we say yes to – make sure the things you say yes to support your vision.  Having said this sometimes it is hard to say no.   Try different methods until you are proficient in saying no.  One thing that makes it easier to say no – is that by saying no to someone else you are saying yes to yourself!   Find some polite or alternative ways of saying no and remember that you don’t need to offer someone a reason for why you are saying no.  Could be something like –  I’m unable to – good luck!  It doesn’t feel right to me to do that now etc.  Get creative!

It is not only about standing up for yourself it is about caring for yourself. Setting strong and healthy boundaries is caring for yourself – your whole self on all levels.  And when you have cared for yourself then you are better able to assist others.

I also like this saying that If it is not a yes then it is a no – even if it is a no for now! So when I am asked something or even shopping for something – if it is not an absolute yes then it is a no.  This has guided me well.

Set some boundaries today that support your vision, boundaries at work, boundaries at home and boundaries for yourself.

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