The Little Yellow Pill

The Little Yellow Pill

The Little Yellow Pill

We have all heard of the little blue pill, now there is a little yellow pill. Magic as well.

I was only introduced to the little yellow pill about a month ago, and in such a short amount of time there have been so many changes in our family, and with others we know that have trialled it.

The first and most obvious change which is almost instant is an increase in energy. Staying up later. Being able to complete tasks.  Powering through the 3pm slump. Finding the gym an easier task.  Life is busy – who doesn’t want more energy to make it through the day? Without relying on coffee, coke, chocolate or energy drinks.

Clearer in the head. Less chatter.  Less clutter.  More ability to focus.  Some of our younger people who have been trialling it have noticed a significant improvement in their concentration at school, and ability to multi task.

Fewer aches and pains. In some cases chronic pain that has been there for 5 years has disappeared completely, for others feeling has gone back into their legs after surgery, and others just notice that it doesn’t hurt as much.

Sleeping better. Better quality of sleep. Fewer disturbances to go to the toilet. Sound sleep. Waking up feeling like you have had a good sleep.  This may take a while and some have reported sleeping better, they would still like to improve on that. For a tween to admit that he is sleeping better, and not waking up as tired – that is pretty impressive.

Hormonal balances and re-shifts. A more even temperament.  Feeling calmer. Less hot flushes. One lady had also noticed a dramatic improvement in her uterine prolapse.

On an energetic level something magical is happening too. Situations that would cause anxiety and angst don’t seem to have the same intensity. Being around a lot of people doesn’t have as much of an impact as before. Ability to run workshops or big groups is not as taxing on the body.

For me though the mental health side of things is what I find truly amazing. One lady has no anxiety at all – not realising after all these years that it was not just the way she was she could feel calmer.  Another says she feeling calmer than normal.  One guy has noticed reduced anxiety levels, and not as much swing between feeling good and feeling depressed – and when he does feel a bit depressed it is more a feeling of being flat rather than going back down to where he was before.  One tween amidst the onset of puberty hormones, is remarkably even tempered and calmer than he has ever been.

Everybody is unique, and every body will notice different things as they take Protandim. The first couple of days/weeks is a period of detoxing, and headaches, digestive upsets can go along with that.  I could continue to share what we have found in the last month – but you won’t understand until you experience it yourself – why not try it yourself and create your own story?  What’s the worst that can happen – you could feel better?


My crystal bed experience with Ali was intense and liberating. It unlocked emotions and fears and ultimately led me to my next successful pregnancy and birth. Magical.

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