Tell me more about Crystal Light Therapy….

Tell me more about Crystal Light Therapy….

Tell me more about Crystal Light Therapy…..

I often get asked what it is like to have a Crystal Light bed session.  It is a hard question to answer because each session is so vastly different.  All sessions are deeply relaxing and restoring. It is quite a bizarre feeling as you drift off into a deep state of relaxation, where you are still aware of your surroundings, but in such a deep state of bliss.  Sometimes I am quite surprised to realise how deep a state I was in.

A typical session starts off with laying down under the lights with my eyes covered with a wheat bag. I always suggest setting an intention before going on the bed so that it can be resolved.

So, laying on the massage table I get comfortable under a cosy blanket as the lights above each of my chakras or energy centres start to pulsate. Each light is colour coded for each of the chakras – the colours being; Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.  The speed of the lights can be adjusted from a slow pace to a faster flickering.

There is music quietly playing in the background and as I take a few deep breaths, it doesn’t take long before I drift off. Parts of my body start to tingle and twitch as the healing energy of the crystals permeate – it is as if the energy knows what parts of my body need healing.

Then before long I am in a deep state of relaxation somewhere between a theta and delta states – and possibly going into a state of gamma the deepest relaxation state – I’m not sure but it is deep.

Sometimes I see flashes of colour, sometimes I connect with higher energies, sometimes I have a metaphysical conversation it really is different each time I go on the bed.

Today I felt quite nauseas and sick in my stomach as the energy in that centre was being cleared, this then subsided as the healing moved to my root chakra where I felt a few twinges and a slight bit of pain – it didn’t last for long and then it was like my eyes were twitching and moving left to right and all over the place. I knew I was deeply relaxed when I startled myself with a few snorts!

My ½ hour session felt like 5 minutes and certainly went a lot quicker than my ½ hour session at the gym this morning! When I wake, it takes me a while to come back.  Slowly coming off the bed I feel so very relaxed, and reenergised.

Marvelling at what I had experienced, I give gratitude and slowly get off the table. A drink of water gently brings me back even further.

I then quickly jumped on the Golden Dragon to measure the movement of my chakra centres and sure enough there was a great improvement in the root chakra centre and my stomach. So great to be able to measure the benefits of the Crystal Therapy Bed.

It is important to be gentle with yourself after a session – ideally it would be great to have a bath or shower then into bed but this is not always possible. The night after a session I always find my dreams are quite vivid too, and my sleep is sound.

A Crystal Light Therapy session is helpful for healing any emotional, mental, or physical imbalances. It is also a useful vehicle for connecting to higher energies or loved ones on a metaphysical level.  Clients have experienced; connecting with a deceased grandparent with whom they haven’t thought about for 20 years, metaphysical conversations to resolve disputes that cannot be resolved with a physical conversation, visions, connections with their unborn babies, connections with ancestors, energies, colours, vibrations and much more.


Such a great, powerful, and yet gentle process. I can still feel the effects of the session as my body continues to integrate and realign.  I absolutely love the Crystal Therapy Bed.

Namaste x

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