Social Media = Disconnection – what are we doing?

Social Media = Disconnection – what are we doing?

Social Media = Disconnection.

Social media is designed to connect us all – but in fact what it is doing it the opposite – it is breaking down the fabric of our society, destroying the age-old art of verbal communication, and is likened to a drug because of its addictive and reality altering physiological effects.

What are we doing? How far can it really go? And when is enough enough?

Social media really has a lot to answer for. I worry for our future generations and how they will feel about themselves and how they will communicate if something does not change.

This morning I was met with a situation where I had to explain to our 7 year old exactly how social media works. There were tears because she was comparing herself to a personality that she watches on YouTube – and that her life was not like the one she was watching.   I had to explain to her that quite often what is put up on social media is not the truth, it is like a stage production.  People putting on a show for her to watch. It was distressing that she sees what she believes to be the truth!  We all know that only the “best version” is put forward for all to see.  Who posts the truth?  Who posts and accurate account of reality?

I’m not sure she understands yet – but I will make it my mission to make sure that she does understand completely and does not fall into the social media trap!

Many people spend so much of their lives posting on social media, they busily put up the same content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter – all in the name of promotion – self-promotion and promotion of business.  It doesn’t stop there, after posting you become a slave to the post – checking to see how many comments there are, responding to the comments and questions, and seeing how many people are “liking” what has been posted.  Self-worth and self-validation are measured by external gratification, and thus happiness is dependent on pleasing others and what others think. WTF?

Social media really is an escapism from reality. Creating the best version of life when it is very different behind the scenes.  What then happens is that social media becomes addictive just like a drug.  Like a drug social media is dangerous, addictive, alters our sense of reality, has a physiological effect, and is a substance introduced to the body for its stimulant effects.   And yet it is socially acceptable?

How many times have you seen in a restaurant everyone at the table is on their phone? On the bus or train in fact most places you go people are on their phones.  I loved the concept of a concert by Lane 8 recently called “This never happened” – mobile phones were turned off and taped up at the entrance and concert goers were encouraged to enjoy the music, magic and experience for what it was.  Lane 8 called it “This never happened” because by todays standards if it was not documented on social media then it didn’t happen.  Love, love, love the concept.  And from what I have heard  those that went to the concert had an absolute blast!  To read more check out their website –

The old marketing mix of the four P’s; Price, Product, Place, Promotion become in social media terms Posting, Promotion (self and business), Pretending (my life is so great) and Pathetic (because I measure my happiness upon what others think).

What happened to internal gratification? The act of pleasing ourselves and deriving our happiness internally.  Why are we giving our power away to others?  In the words of the amazing Deepak Chopra “what other people think of you is not your business.  If you start to make that business your business, you will be offended for the rest of your life”.

I aspire to be a role-model to our children in using social media responsibly – so  after a break from social media, I am now back on – however this time I will aspire to limit and control my time spent on  Facebook, Instagram, emails and the internet and connect with positive and inspiring people, messages and information.  Good luck navigating this social media web!

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