Lithotherapy – Crystal Frequency

Lithotherapy – Crystal Frequency

What is Lithotherapy?  In essence the use of crystals to restore balance to the body.

At Elevating Health we have 2 different lithotherapy tools – the Golden Dragon and the Crystal Therapy Bed.

The Golden Dragon can determine the most appropriate Lithotherapy or crystal bioresonance frequency to be sent to different systems or parts of the body depending on what is going on. Essentially it is sending the frequency of the crystal and its properties with the intention of elevating and protecting.  Crystals are amazing for their metaphysical properties – imagine having your chakras aligned with lithotherapy such as amethyst or beryl?  Whatever the most beneficial crystal is for you and that which resonates with your whole body picture is selected.

The Crystal Light Therapy bed can also be used as coloured lights come through a vogel cut clear quartz crystal leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed.

Crystals come from deep inside the earth and their energetic imprint and properties are uniquely different.   You may find you have an innate connection to a particular crystal as you resonate with its properties or frequencies.  Why not look further into the power of crystals in your everyday life – from wearing them, carrying them, to having their frequency.  Crystals in whatever way they are used are awesome!

I met with my clinician Ali to receive a full body scan with the Golden Dragon. I was amazed at how simple the device was, simply placing a headpiece on for 45minutes but how complex and detailed the information is. It gave me a full report on my current physical and emotional health at a ce... Read More

Deb, Willoughby

At 34 weeks pregnant I just knew my body had to make a change. I have had two previous natural births and I didn’t want to miss out on a third for this baby but as my obstetrician had pointed out to me along the way my baby was comfortable in a Transverse lie and that it would be highly unli... Read More

Deb, Willoughby

My crystal bed experience with Ali was intense and liberating. It unlocked emotions and fears and ultimately led me to my next successful pregnancy and birth. Magical.

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Kathy, Roseville

All of my physical strengths and weaknesses were identified within a few minutes and I was armed with an incredible amount of knowledge regarding my physical and emotional bodies. I was then able to develop a medical and emotional healing plan which I intend to be on for the rest of my life. T... Read More

Megan, Hornsby

The Golden Dragon is amazing! It has been the catalyst for a whole change in lifestyle.
The Golden Dragon had highlighted a potential prostate problem which I would not have picked up as I was not symptomatic. With a bit of scepticism, I went to my local GP and asked for blood tests in... Read More

Brett, Sydney