Food Sensitivity Check & Using Food as Medicine

Food Sensitivity Check & Using Food as Medicine

Want to know what foods are beneficial for you or which foods to avoid? Your body is probably already giving you some indications and signs.  These days it seems to be quite common to have some sensitivities to foods whether it be dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts or alcohol just to name a few.  Quite often when we have sensitivities to these foods we find ourselves craving these foods, and then feel pretty ordinary after we eat them.  A Golden Dragon health check will provide you with a comprehensive list of Foods that are Beneficial, Foods to enjoy in moderation, as well as Foods to Avoid giving you a really good indication of the foods that support your body.  In addition to these food sensitivities it will also highlight any allergens such as oranges, penicillin, beer yeast, bakers yeast, wheat, rye, dairy, peanuts etc.   An individualised comprehensive list of foods and allergens – what useful information to have!

Hippocrates had the insight to say “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

An Ayurvedic Proverb “When diet is wrong medicine is of no use, and when diet is correct medicine is of no need”

Using food as medicine is not a new concept.  Ayurvedic practices date back over 5,000 years and many other cultures have been using food and spices as medicine and nourishment to the body.

The Medical Medium is also providing inspirational information on using fruits and vegetables as medicines for various conditions – check out the benefits of Celery Juice alone!

It makes sense on a deep level to use food as thy medicine as intrinsically our bodies know that is how it has been done for generations and generations since the day dot.

Some people make the choice to pop a pill to mask symptoms rather than cut out the very foods that are causing the problems.  Treating the symptom not the cause.  Others are happy to take out the cause and watch the symptoms dissipate.

We all are free to choose how we “do health” – using food as thy medicine, or using medicine to treat symptoms.  Health is a journey and we all have a choice.  The more information you have the more equipped you are to make a choice that suits you.


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