Why you can’t judge or compare yourself to others.

Why you can’t judge or compare yourself to others.


Don’t compare your life to others – There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. 

They shine when it is their time.

So true.

Why do we as humans get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others? What they have? What they look like? How much money they have? Where they live? Their jobs? The list is endless and not to mention exhausting.  We then use this information we have gathered to gauge ourselves “in comparison” to others and thereby find our place in the world.  Is there another way??

Of course there is. Understanding that each of us is truly unique and individual and celebrating our own uniqueness and what we bring to the world.  There is no other person in the universe like you!  Your fingerprints are unique to you.  Your genetics, the way you came into the world, and the imprint you have is UNIQUE only to you. Now that is something to celebrate!  Knowing and truly understanding this gives you an appreciation of others uniqueness as well.

When you find yourself in comparison mode – try and just catch the thought or moment and readjust – even if you just recognise the pattern of “oh I’m comparing again”.

Just as you can not compare the sun and the moon you can not compare yourself, your children or anyone else.

In the natural world there is no comparison – the wattle tree does not compare itself to the willow tree, nor the rose compare itself to the daisy – they all co-exist and shine in their own beauty and attributes. Allow the wattle tree to be the wattle tree and the willow tree be the willow tree.  Wattle is wattle and willow is willow.  No comparison needed. A dog does not compare itself to a cat, a cat does not compare itself to a bird.  They all eat different food, have different behaviours and languages or ways of communicating.

We are all a bit like dogs, cats and birds – we all have different backgrounds, eat different food, have different behaviours, different ways of communicating and different paths to walk – given all these elements and difference who is it even possible to compare?

Like the old saying you cant compare apples with oranges – you have to compare apples with apples.  This again is hard to do – apples are all the same species if you like – but they too have different experiences, come from different trees, have had different growing conditions – more sun, more wind, and ultimately have their own vibration and energy.  Not all apples are apples.  There are crisp sweet ones, and others that are a bit chalky and not quite as sweet.  Apples ain’t apples.  Again no comparison is possible.

Allow others to be who they are (without judgement or comparison) and accept and allow yourself to be who you are and who you are destined to be.

Comparison also leads us down the judgement path. By making the comparison first we then make a judgement as to whether it is good or bad etc.   Judgement is as harmful as comparison.  Judgement is based on our particular set of beliefs and inherited patterns.  Try observing instead.

Observation is neutral analysis and a much kinder way to be.  Observation is just looking at the set of circumstances and seeing it from all angles – trying to understand every side.  Taking the emotion out of it.

So for today just try to catch yourself either judging or comparing.  It is amazing how much we all do it. Try it – you can only benefit!  The universe only wants the best for you.  Lots of sparkles and blessings x x

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