The Benefits of the Golden Dragon: Diagnosis and Treatment with TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

New depth and insight for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners

There are many advantages to using the Golden Dragon non-linear diagnostic bioresonance scanning device, many unique insights can be gained into your overall health and wellbeing.

However, one of the most notable benefits is the ability to incorporate factors of traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, into treatment plans. Chinese herbal remedies have long played a significant role in complementary and alternative medicine.

TCM natural herbal remedies and the Golden Dragon make for a harmonious partnership.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine can easily be incorporated into treatment as the Golden Dragon NLS bioresonance scanning device itself maintains roots in the foundations of TCM. It has the ability to locate and identify obstructions in Qi (Chi); the body’s essential energy which flows throughout the organs and central nervous system providing vitality. Diagnosing Qi (Chi) obstructions is the first step to a natural alternative holistic health treatment.

Committed to alternative healing north west of Sydney, Elevating Health based in Tamworth, uses diagnostic information and the concepts of TCM, to identify the most effective and efficient Chinese herbal cures for a wide variety of illnesses, diseases, and other health-related conditions. Chinese herbal raw medicines and compounds are frequently prescribed by skilled TCM practitioners all across the country due to their positive effects.

Where did non linear and Bioresonance Scanning come from?

Having been developed by the USSR space program in the 1950s, the concept of bioresonance as a non linear non invasive diagnostic tool is still largely unheard of by many people, particularly those who have not yet explored alternative medicine in Sydney. However, for those who do seek complementary and alternative medicine, bioresonance scanning has become a top diagnostic solution.

Non-linear diagnostic scanning underwent significant development between the 1960s and 1990s, with devices undergoing miniaturization and becoming much more compact and portable. This opened up many doors, especially for alternative health practitioners who were able to introduce the tool into the workplace. Following developmental and clinical trials in Russia, the true benefits of bioresonance became fully understood reaching maturity in the Golden Dragon non linear bioresonance scanning devices.

At Elevating Health, we use the Golden Dragon non-linear diagnostic scanning device, named after the luckiest of years in the Chinese calendar. Utilising non-invasive techniques, the Golden Dragon allows for the investigation and assessment of ailments. The device uses vibrational frequency to monitor the skeletal system, digestive system, endocrine system, chakra energy centres, and even the meridians.

Diagnostic Scanning and TCM

The Golden Dragon NLS bioresonance scanning tool has been specially designed to complement ideas found within traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The scanner focuses on the 12 pairs of main organ channels in the human body, which each correspond with one of the 12 main organs of Chinese traditional theory, making it easy to match a particular diagnosis with an effective TCM treatment.

The scanner uses the notion of Jing-Luo — a teaching of 14 meridians — for accurate diagnosis. Jing-Luo plays an important part in traditional Chinese medicine, forming the foundations of acupuncture and adequately demonstrating the impact of pathological changes on physiological function. Through monitoring and detection of these changes, an effective TCM-based treatment plan can be devised.

Natural Chinese Raw Herbal Remedies, Cures and Compounds

By using the Golden Dragon non-linear diagnostic scanning tool, it is possible to identify and locate energy blockages throughout the chakras, meridians, and acupuncture points in the body. The device produces a complete, comprehensive report with diagrams and recommendations for Chinese herbal remedies tailored to each individual based on the findings of the non-invasive body scan.

Chinese herbal cures are typically available in two distinct forms. The first is herbal supplements in convenient pill capsules which are ideal for those leading on-the-go lifestyles who want quick and simple Chinese herbal remedies to improve health and wellbeing and target problem areas in the body. The second is Chinese herbal raw remedies which tend to be a little more potent than food supplements.

Elevating Health stock an extensive range of traditional Chinese herbal medicines along with a selection of Taiwanese herbs and Chinese foods for great dietary sustenance. Effective Chinese herbal cures are available online in the Elevating Health store, where we also stock a variety of natural essential oils and crystals which can both complement TCM practices and work towards improving health and wellbeing.

Alternative Healing north west of Sydney, Tamworth and regional NSW

The concept of complementary and alternative medicine is becoming more universally accepted and acknowledged, and alternative medicine is very popular today in Australia. At Elevating Health in Tamworth NSW, we work alongside other practitioners to provide our patients with a comprehensive service and are happy to recommend patients to other practitioners in our network as part of an overall holistic health program.

However, for those patients wishing to remain with Elevating Health, we’re proud to have the facilities available to supply TCM-based treatments that are recommended by the Golden Dragon NLS bioresonance scanning tool. We also offer other techniques, such as crystal light therapy bed treatments if required, making us a leader in alternative medicine in Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

Traditional Chinese herbal remedies are also available through Elevating Health through referral by other complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. To find out more about the treatment options available to you, and to discover more about bioresonance scanning or natural, holistic medicine, get in touch on 0419-246-860 or complete the online form at


The Golden Dragon Rough Diagnostic Scanner incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western Medicine when it scans the body, organs and systems.

The Golden Dragon scans the Chakras, Meridians and Acupuncture Points indentifying and classifying energy blockages. These diagrams are then compiled into a report which can be taken to a TCM practitioner for treatment. Also included in the report is a recommendation for Chinese Herbs and Chinese Food which are specifically beneficial for what is going on in the body.

The Merdians scanned on the Golden Dragon include the Liver, Spleen-Pancreas, Heart, Colon, Bladder, Kidney, Triple Warmers, Pericardium, Stomach, Gallbladder, Lung and Postero Meridians.

A TCM Practitioner may then use the information provided from the Golden Dragon Scan and use acupuncture to unlock any energy blockages in the meridians which will improve the flow of Qi or life force, and compliment with Chinese Herbs.

Chinese Herbs are available in raw form or in prepared tablets which are an excellent addition to a wellness program.

At Elevating Health we have TCM Acupuncture and Herbalist experts that we can refer you to. For further information and a well rounded approach to your health book your Golden Dragon scan today!

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